I wait.

The continuous sound of car engines fill my head. Like white noise. I long for peace, I wish everyone would just slow down and stop rushing their life away. I wish I could freeze the moment, and return to it another time. My stomache knots with anticipation, and I feel slightly sick.

People swarm in the city centre like ants, all rushing to get home. I stand still as a statue, and as each person passes me or nudges into me I take a moment and wander what their story is. Why are they in such a rush?

I am standing in exactly the same spot that we had agreed to meet. It is empty. We both agreed that if a year went by and we were still missing each other, we would meet at this spot at this time. I didn’t even know his name, but the memory of him, of that night, still torment my every waking thought.

I wait… And wait. The hands of the clock tick by. Late. Is he late or did he decide not to come?

I send up a silent prayer, praying that the latter is not the case.
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