Endless Throat

We scurry. That’s what we do. We scurry.

It’s not quite running, since our legs are so short. But we sure can move! We can cruise through a basement like a motherfucker! Winding around the boxes and shit the humans leave sitting around.

Sometimes we gotta go outside though… Get the food… The window up there…

Sometimes though, that slithering bastard out there gets one of us. Sliding around on its belly like some sneaky predator. But I guess that’s what he is, a predator.

And we’re the prey.

Tonight’s my night. So I scurry! Serpentine! Serpentine! Find the food! Over by the cans like it always is. Watch out for the…

Oh shit!

I hear him slide by on the right and I turn on a dime, my stupid little mouse heart pounding in my ears.

But it’s no use.

He’s already got me. I feel the fangs bury themselves into my thighs and my body goes numb as he slowly chokes me down his endless throat.

I’m reduced to being a bulge, squeezed and suffocated for a while… then I’m dead. Never to scurry again.

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