It Happened Again

The dark fingers reached across her bed, curling around her throat. Her eyes prised open as she became aware of the noise. She reached for her phone. It was not yet three AM.

She clambered out of bed and walked briskly to the window, as she pressed the green button and cast her eyes to the sea. A snap almost sent her foot through the floor.

“Hello?”, Emily asked drowsily.

“Ursine semen!”

“What… Shawn?!?” She shrieked, turning her gaze towards the oak in the middle of the clearing, hoping to calm herself. The tree had many names, but none could stop her curses, “…you thrice-damned hellspawn!”

She hit the red button so hard, the screen cracked. She fell to her knees and sobbed into her hands. Dave had already left.

He was an idiot, but he called her sweet names, and showed her the best quarter hour of her life. She ran from her room, down three flights of stairs. Seven steps from the bottom, she froze.



The dark fingers reached across her bed…

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