Lonely Night

The night was silent, the air cool with a slight breeze. My careful steps were the only sound, echoing off the darkened shop fronts and burned-out vehicles. I stopped by an intact armored vehicle and brought my weapon up, checking the street. Always on guard – one of the reasons why I was still alive.

Nothing. I let the rifle hang on its sling and took a sip of water from a canteen, digging in a pocket for something to eat. I was tired, sore, running out of supplies. Possibly the only human being for miles.

Still nothing. The canteen went back in its pouch and I padded onwards through the darkness. There were a scattering of bodies here, which I carefully picked my way around. Soldiers, slumped over sandbags and barricades. Two civilians, too, holding each other as close in death as (I presumed) they had in life. I averted my eyes, pulling the rifle up to check the street again.

Nothing. It was going to be a long night.

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