My Only Love, To Last A Life Time

We had met up at the local pizza parlor. I went down to tie my shoes, you stood there watching. I got up from the ground, and walked away. You followed only in confusion; you asked why I walked away. I told you that we agreed to meet at the door, I just wanted to keep the agreement we made. We walked back to my place; you were dress in a short blue sleeve shirt, with black shorts I couldn’t get over the fact of your beauty. We talked as I made popcorn, only to find out that I had burned the popcorn. You were standing next to the fan trying to blow out the smoking fumes, until you noticed what good it was doing. We sat on the bed watching horror films, you tickled me to get closer to you, I declared an arm wrestle. We never let go when we were done horsing around. It was near midnight when we came in for a kiss, my heart was racing. There I was kissing the women straight out of my dreams. We made love in the night, I had wondered if we would see each other again. Now our one year is near, to the day we met.

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