Take 2

It’s dark. There’s no sound, no sense of touch. The only feelings felt are raw, and the Pain. Damn the pain. Pressure, compression, volcanic heat, hairs ripped one by one. Where’re my shells? School? Ha-ha – forget school! Pack my .45- Jimmy and me and a QuikieMart – holy – don’t shoot – oh – my – god – ouCH! Mom? I’m dead. No – what? LOL, that’s my GF – she’s callin’ me, now? Ain’t that timing, oh man, ow! Oh I’m dead…

It’s dark. What’s that? Hello? Anybody? Where…Wha…

It’s dark. What’s going on? Can’t see. Where am I? Can’t move…

It’s dark. I know this. Need to open my eyes. Come on. Come ON. One eye peeks open, then… LIGHT!!!

It’s dark, eyes closed, too bright. In a hospital: Smells and beeps like one. Who am I? Fingers? Check. Toes? Wiggled. Breathe in, out. Check. IQ? Equations for solving the orbits of three planetary bodies? Got it.


Try the eyes. A mirror. That’s me? Bandages on my chest. That’s my face?

Fearful and inquisitive eyes stare back.

The new adventure begins.

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