My Son, My Heart

Seeing my first born son open his eyes for the 1st time was the 1st time a part of me died.

Yup. You see, Jameson was born with a congenital heart defect which affected the flow of blood to his lungs. His mother and I knew the entire pregnancy. Fuck yeah it was tough. But in knowing this my fears and concern for MY life became irrelevant and in time I died inside.

After countless Dr. visits and tests we were told he would need several surgeries to correct this malformation and even then they weren’t sure if he would be 100%. My self importance and selfishness then died. Two seperate times, 2 death’s.

My son is now 3 and is proving everyone wrong. He has more energy than I can handle and is smarter than his mom and I combined. Through my son I was able to let die the useless parts of my being and was reborn a new and better person. He has taught me what it means to live and to appreciate and respect death in all aspects of life. My son gave me a 2nd chance at life.

To my son, my heart.

Love Daddy

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