Listen Up, Gus

Listen up buttercup, my little pup:

Don’t listen down, all you will hear is the shout to choose a different route.

Listen up, and you will hear a clarinet alongside a dancing marionette.

Don’t listen down, you’ll miss the sight of the century; no one in line at the food pantry.

Listen up, and you will hear a grin, from a musician sporting a violin.

Don’t listen down, you might not hear the charms reaching for your arms.

Listen up, and you will hear a serene queen, tapping a tambourine.

Don’t listen down, you may not hear, a hummingbird whirring, around Main & 3rd.

Listen up, there’s a place full of grace, mostly on a random stranger’s face.

Don’t listen down, only rotting pennies, a nickle or two, and your tired untied shoe.

Listen up, there’s music out there, it’s the wind, riding your hair.

Don’t listen down, for soon you will forget your mind, thick, like a sour black rind.

Listen up, and a marching song you will hear, meant for your ear.

Listen up, to the loud tune of Us, loving you, Gus.

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