John's Sweet Program

John sat happily in his chair at work. “Im done! It’s finally done!”
John tells his boss Dan about a tool he wrote that will improve collaboration on projects for the team. As he brings it up and shows all the possibilities and the efficiency of what can be done, Dan notices how much help this will be. Not only to his team, but in general this program is good enough to be released to the public and other companies. As John starts talking about the possibility of releasing this publicly and making some money, Dan advises John of the Agreement he signed when he started work there. John didn’t think about it at the time, as he needed this job, but he had signed an agreement, saying anything he creates while employed by this company is owned by the company. So he cant go get patents on his idea for himself, but his company can patent his work and idea and sell it as they see fit. John doesn’t want his work owned by his employer so he pulls the plug on the whole project.

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