Change of Pace

I wrote to you today, just a draft. It will be a while before I can send it.

The snow did not fall today, just a cold wind blew. I know it’s warmer where you are.

My work went well today, better than yesterday. I can’t tell you because you’d never understand.

The mail came today; I’m glad. Your letter was a welcome distraction.

I wrote to you today, after my homework was done. I’m still procrastinating.

The hours are slowly crawling by today; at work. But how much more so for you.

My life is full of tiny moments today; trials and triumphs. I try to count my blessings.

The chores are undone today; apathy reigns. I wonder if you miss chores.

I wrote to you today, as a change of pace. I read you needed one also.

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