The world was silent. For a minute it paused and froze as he twisted in the air. All the voices echoed inside him, inside what was left-

 When the days are cold
   and the cards all fold

Nothing he did now could change the way gravity pulled him, the way the wind whistled in his hair. He looked up, and he saw her, standing on the ledge, witnessing this.

  I want to shelter you
  I want to hide   the truth

It surprised him that it hurt-that there was still a piece of him that could hurt. He hadn’t told her. He didn’t want to pull her further into this mess. She had seen and shown him his darkness and he could no longer bear knowing what was eating him alive.

  Look into my eyes   Don’t get too close, it’s dark   inside
  It’s where my demons hide   it’s where my demons hide

He broke

  When the lights fade out

  This  is the curtain call

And she stood   alone, knowing.

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