Sarah's Special Friend (Day 22)

Sarah’s small hand gripped mine, leading me onward through the forest. In green patches, moss climbed trees whose thick branches melded to make an almost uniform canopy. The sunlight that made it through appeared wan and tired.

“How far are we going?” I asked.

Sarah scrunched up her face and shot me a very disapproving look for a seven year old.

A short way later, she parted a clump of red and green leaves that belonged to a robust bush. The bush grew up around a pitted stump. Spreading her dress, Sarah sat down, and patted the spot next to her. I sighed quietly and joined her.

All I knew was that I was waiting to meet Sarah’s special friend.

Time seemed to slow.

I watched a leaf slowly spin to the ground as if caught in clear molasses.

And then he was there.

His basic shape was that of a flabby horse but it’s body was sinuous and scaly. Prodigious claws tipped the end of each foot. The head was that of a squid, all dangling tentacles and topped with a dangerous looking horn.

“It’s my Cthulunicorn.”

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