Tormenting, Riot, Regulation

An impoverished village, located near marshy boondocks, was just experienced a disastrous assault by ferocious gangsters. Approximately half of houses and buildings were burned up into ruins. All villagers had a tremendous tormenting feeling after their assets and property were all snatched. With sounds of weeping, screams and moans suffusing every corner of the village, the entire village sunk into a riot. Stronger men wrested only goods and materials from one another, weaker women were embracing together with their tears rolling down, and children were witnessing the pitiful sight with numbness and helplessness. Few days later, with plenty of foods and drinks prepared, the authorities governing this village came to here to be deeply concerned about the present situation of this village. Besides, they established a regulation that all supplies should be allocated equally, and also dispatched more manpower to defend this village for the sake of security.

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