The Book III

It a complicated manner no 8-year-old should understand, she rigged the alarm clock to the shower’s wire, giving her control to set off the shower when the alarm clock went off. Eva walked up to her, shining with awe. How did you do that?
“Oh, this?”, Teresa shrugged it off. “It’s just some wires and a little prior knowledge.”
Eva questioned, “What does it do?”
Teresa quickly answered, “It’s supposed to set off the emergency shower and the fire alarm, you know, to cancel class.”
“I, for one, sure hope it succeeds with flying colors”, Eva continued.“ I could be starring in a play or writing a book, or watching Disney channel. You know, something useful. Instead, I’m stuck wasting my Friday nights in the disease-ridden basement of a despondent church.” Teresa’s brow crinkled with thought and confusion. She was speechless at the thought that this strange girl also happened to hate the church’s grieving camp, even though she appeared to have the time of her life talking about the stages of grief and her dad..

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