Role Reversal

“Seriously, Ash, I mean- well never mind, I won’t try to tell you, you’ll just see when we get there.”
Ash liked Kali less than people normally enjoy each other, but more than he liked anyone else. She could never just be normal or calm. For her, he had taken it up as his job to pull her out of the clouds. He didn’t know anyone more qualified than himself to show her everything she needed to know, and she needed to know so much.
“Kali,” he said, “I want to see this place, I really do. But, all we’ve seen so far is that old gas station-“
“That place is awesome, huh?”
“Kali, there’s nothing out here.”
“Ash, you have to wait!”
As Ash was thinking up more arguments, the ground disappeared beneath his feet and he fell forward, Kali’s laugh following him as they rolled downward. When they came to a stop, he saw a river that cut through a grove of trees, the sunlight dying everything a golden hue.
“See?” Kali said, “The best things always look like nothing at first. You just have to look a little harder!”

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