Detective Work

Elsha followed THX to the inkroom. The shelves were bare, not even a bottle or a quill left behind. Puddles on the floor were quickly drying in the humidity-controled room. It reeked of kelp and papaya, just like Princess B had claimed.

“This is too clean.” Elsha walked to a shelf and ran a finger over the dust-less surface.

“The maids do a very nice job.” THX commented while squatting over a puddle.

“No, I mean the whole thing. How did they get in?”

“The door appears to be battered open.”

Elsha rolled her eyes.Her friend was trying her patience.“There is no water anywhere else in the house.”

“I noticed.”

“So, you are suggesting a maid or servant or cleaning robot let them in? With a battering ram?”

“Or the time machine is on the fritz again..”

Elsha ignored his attempt at humor and continued, “And bucket of Lorlake water.”

“Maybe the water is how they got in.”

Elsha’s eyes went wide. “They fried the guard-droid and took it, too!”

“And used it to batter the door in.”

“Why Lorlake?”

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