Blaise had died a year ago today. And it was all her fault, she told herself.
After his death, she became a new person, a mere shell of the bold, outgoing girl she used to be. Now, the world was lucky if she left her room. She had transferred to an online school, installed a padlock on her door, and tried to kill herself twice. Now, she had just given up.
In the mornings, her brother Tristan brought her food to her room, because otherwise she wouldn’t eat. It was a pitiful existence for Kaitlin. Her friends used to call her Kat, but she no longer had friends. Besides, she was undeserving of the fun, energetic nickname.
These days, she was completely isolated from everyone. She couldn’t even remember what it was like to speak. But one day, her cell phone’s ringtone, Stronger, blasted her awake.
She stared at it in silence for a few moments, but the mysterious caller persisted.
She didn’t recognize the number, but something inside of her chose to answer.
It was the smartest decision of her life.

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