I Watched My Shadows Pass By

I stop at our bar to have a few drinks. Because, the discontent of corporate life is bearable if I can imbibe in foreign beer.

It’s dark now.

In the glow of each street light I pass, watch my shadows pass by: 1. 2. 3.

My 1st shadow bikes to a baptist church; afraid of the vulgarities of the real world, I’ve married a boy from Friday night youth group. I’ve had baptized babies. All I know of him is The Missionary.

I would’ve been content.

My 2nd shadow bikes to the university; afraid of the harshness of the real world, I’ve stayed within the safeness of the scholastic womb. I’ve toiled under the burden of deadlines & dissertations. All I know is the subjugation of academia.

I would’ve been content.

My 3rd shadow bikes to an empty house; afraid of the pressures of commitment, I’ve just a house with a couple of cats. I’ve enjoyed & suffered the din of silence.

The flesh of me comes to a home filled with memories, books, and nice things.

I built this house on discontent.

Forgive my discontent.

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