Picture Perfect.

Her life is a picture.
Lots of reds and purples, signifying passion and royalty. Regality was nothing new to her.
But she was missing the subtle colors, the natural colors.
The beiges, tans, and crèmes.
The filler colors.
She hated the filler colors.

She loved a man.
A man who helped color her world with bright blues and radiant greens. He added earth tones like brown and yellow.
He added all of the colors that she was missing, except the subtle colors.
But with all of the contrasting dominant colors capturing her attention, how was she to notice?

One day, she realized that she was the filler colors for this man’s picture.
She was no passionate red, no royal purple.
She was no bright blue or radiant green.
She was no earth brown or sunshine yellow.
She was background beige.

This realization turned all of her colors to grey.
She no longer knew the passion of red or the royalty of purple.
All she knew was the emptiness of grey.

She never found the reds or the purples again.

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