Awesomeness (Superhero Black Hole, part 124)

If ever there had been another moment in my life where the sound of an angelic chorus signifying the awesomeness of a sight I beheld could have been more appropriate, I certainly couldn’t remember it.

A treasure trove lay behind that wall – a cavernous, ridiculously extravagant room, lit with fluorescent blue, filled with banks of computer monitors, random bits of tech I’d never before seen, a living area with plush sofas and varnished tables, and further back I could see open doors to empty rooms.

“Fancy, right?”, one of the Zoes said.

“Just a bit,” I said with my jaw on the floor.

The second Zoe walked past me as she said, “You might want to take a gander at the windows before you finish your assessment there…”

I looked.

The windows?

There weren’t any.

And as I looked, I happened to glance up slightly.

It was enough.


“Yeah?,” said them both.

I pointed up. “What is that?”

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