A Poniard Contender

“Is this something you are prepared to accept, Mr. and Mrs. Gverrero?”

The man’s black robe swished slightly as the woman next to him took his hand. “Yes we are prepared.”

The couple stood tall as they listened to the shadowed figures’ voices in debate. The dim light in the cavernous room barely reaching the floor. The voices quickly became silent and the scraping of chairs was the only noise as the judges left the room.

He could almost hear the silent tears of his wife as they were escorted out of the room by the guard.

“It will be better this way. She will be remembered in these halls. We both know she will succeed. There’s nothing to worry about.” He said quietly as they were escorted outside to the bustling plaza.

In a back room the shadowy figures now illuminated by the harsh sunlight streaming in through the roof began debating.

“All in favor of placing the Gverrero child in the trust of Handler Solon?”

Red-gloved hands were raised.

“In a vote of seven to six, Handler Solon is appointed.”

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