Answer Call

That damn cell phone was playing that damn song again. I was turning onto the street when my pocket started up that racket. I hate these things, but the kids got ‘em and my wife has one ’just for emergencies’ and they badgered me into getting one, ‘part of the family plan’.

I fumbled it out as I stopped at a red light. I opened it and the screen said unavailable. It was not from the family, so I snapped it closed. The kids had gotten me one of those gadgets to hook up to your dash so you don’t have to drive with one hand. You just issue commands and it answers calls and does all of it’s phone things, even plays music and takes pictures. So I plugged it in.

I accelerated through the intersection and the contraption started singing again.

Sighing I said, ‘Answer call.’

‘Look I got to make this quick so shut up and listen,’ said a voice, sounding familiar.

‘I am calling you, me, whatever, from the ER, it’s six-thirty. Put the brakes on…now!’

The phone clock read 5:15 and the truck ahead just swerved.

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