Noir: Running the Show

The Topaz was my place. The swankiest place in town. I built it up from the shuttered storefront it was 4 years ago. It was a shining beacon in a dark grey city.

“Fabrizio, " I yelled over to my maitre’d, “the reservation list for tonight?” I walked briskly over to the captain’s station with my hand extended. My tuxedo was pressed to perfection and my hair shone under each spotlight as I crossed the nightclub floor.

“Yes Mr. Otellio, here it is.” Fabrizio was my second in command, he understood my perfectionist streak and did his best to keep up. When you run a club like The Topaz, with the types that come in here, you cannot let the details out of your sight. Fabrizio was also loyal, not one to steal the rug out from under me. I trusted him, and in this business that was worth a ton of gold.

I perused the list and then I saw it, right there in black ink next to the printed ‘8:00’ – Maryanne Stone.

“This is going to be one hell of a night,” I said under my breath.

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