Ascension: The Application of Theory

Hart introduced me to the team, an assortment of fearfully intelligent and ludicrously qualified individuals. Mechanical, software, cybernetic, neural engineering degrees; biological systems, neurointerface, biocompability doctorates; surgical experience, cutting-edge procedures and more spilled out of their service records.

There were just three of them. Hart concluded the introductions.

“So as you can see, the autosurgeon was able to attach the armature component of the prototype pneumatic system with ease using the software patches you committed. Reckall adapted well to the armature, which led the Major to consider him very promising for ongoing and future trials.”

One of them, a woman – Legota, I think – finished what I could only describe as sizing me up.

“He certainly looks quite comfortable with the armature. His body size will suit the more advanced prototypes well, and we can begin automated manufacture of the more form-fitting components immediately.

“If there’s no objection, shall we begin?”

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