1. Good afternoon Mr….
2. George
1. Ah very well, George nice to meet you please take a seat.
2. Thanks.
1. So George…
2. John
1. Your name is John?
2. Yes
1. Your name is John George
2. Yes
1. Well John, may I call you John?
2. Yes
1. Good, good, so John what is the time?
2. Well its err, its 11.35am
1. So when I said Good Afternoon earlier you, knowing full well that it was11.35am decided not to correct me. Why is that George?
2. John
1. Sorry, John, why is that?
2. Err, well I guess I just didn’t notice.
1. Very well, so you would you say you’re not very observant?
2. No
1. You wouldn’t say that you’re not very observant.
2. Yes
1. So you’re observant then.
2. A little, look I really don’t see what this has to do with my son.
1. Pardon
2. My son, your secretary said he had done something wrong and that you needed to see me immediately.
1. That’s not possible.
2. Well someone must of spoken to me I didn’t imagine it.
1. We have already established that you are not very observant.

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