Out of Mind: Bruno

Bruno was a real man.
He chased his whiskey with cum from lovers and bandaged his own wounds with wraps as wooden as his heart.
He took his coffee with cinnamon and cayenne and swirled around his friends and his feelings in the swamp and his bourbon.

Bruno let his drinks get to him sometimes.
He secretly played video games that took place in the times of the ancients and in his heart he fought between light and dark mages. Dark mages were stronger but light mages were more accurate. Dark mages were druids who studied from books promoting the self as the supreme and yet light mages were taught to give to others. He was so torn. The church had wrecked him like rape victims let fluid toxic sticky thoughts into their sweet heads when they all just wanted to lay down and sleep, fill their heads with Yggdrasil and the flooding purge that came with.

Maybe Bruno was a woman and maybe Bruno was a man. He felt as if he was smoked cheese or roast beef left out over night, processed through time and exposed.

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