Monosyllabic Love - She Chose Me

I got there. She stood on the road. It was by god’s grace that she was still there. She smiled at me, and the old days played in front of my eyes. Our old love was as strong as ever. I guess that love fades for some guys, and grows for guys like me. Anne was a dream come true, the kind of girl that guys took home. And she was all mine. I could see from her face that our thoughts were the same. She was right for me, the way the stars are right for the night or like yin and yang. What do I know of yin and yang? That’s her stuff. She’s the one with the books. I’m just the small town hick who she fell in love with. I know her friends don’t think she’s right for me. No, they don’t think I’m right for her. She’s smart and rich, more than just cute. Me, I’m the poor farm boy. Every time they see us, it’s like they see the worst choice she ever made. I’m fine with that. She chose me. None of her old flames stood a chance. Her old life didn’t hold her back. She chose me, made me the guy every other guy wants to be.

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