The Mystery of the Missing Girl

Frank and Joe stopped at the mouth of the alley and looked down. The cracked cobblestones were damp from the moist fog. Frank hunched down and picked up a woman’s broken boot heal.

‘They went this way Joe,’ he whispered, pointing into the alley.

’We’ve got to find her Frank,’ said Joe as he pushed by his brother into the gloom.

‘Easy Joe,’ said Frank, grabbing his arm, ‘We don’t know what we’ll find.’

Joe sighed as he followed Frank into the alley. The fog swallowed their footsteps as they came to the end and stopped at a broken crate.

‘Great, a dead end,’ said Joe, looking around.

’Maybe not, ’ said Frank, tracing a finger along a seam in the wall.

Looking down, Joe could see scratch marks on the cobblestones.

‘I think we open the door like this,’ said Frank, pushing a brick into the wall.

The door opened into a warehouse and the boys entered. They walked through a lab filled with test tubes and beakers to find a parlor.

‘Miss Drew and I are having tea, won’t you join us?’ asked Dr. Moriarty.

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