Death Goes to the Public County Office. (Bangsian Challange)

“I’m here to register for a passport.”

A skeleton hand drops an ID onto the clerks counter.


“Death Necropol O’brian.”


“Killing things, mostly.”


“How are you?”

“Good, what did you just say, just then?”

“What me? Nothing?”

“Killing things, wasn’t it?”

“Me? Noooo. I’m harmless really. Look.”

He pulls off his own arm and places it on the counter.

She looks unconvinced.


“Milk Man.”

“Its 2009 Mr…. O’brian was it?”

“Well, I meant I’m a man who loves his milk. A real milk man at heart, I rate milk, a milk inspector, dairy inspector, if you like.”

“Okay.. Mr. O’brian I’m going to need you to fill out these forms and come back here along with a check for one hundred and thirty five dollars made out to the U. S. State Department.”

“Ooo, I haven’t got any money.”

Reaches through the clerk window and taps her shoulder. Shes dead. He takes his ID

“Next in line please!”

Another clerk. Death goes to her.

“I’m here to register for a passport.”

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