Memories of Lucifer

“Well, I remember that Lucifer created these massive red webs while he was in Heaven that were just breathtaking. We came from everywhere to see them. I’m sure red was his favorite color, particularly this deep, scarlet shade. Really, the webs made us weep; he took all spiders on as his apprentices and loved all of their designs for their eccentricities.

Anyway, I think Lucifer would have been content to stay in heaven with the other angels if he hadn’t had been betrayed. His jealousy of man was only thinly veiled, of course, but it went beyond God’s notice. A past lover of Lucifer’s, named Arieh, told our Father of this ‘terrible heresy.’ Mind you, the rest of us didn’t care, but God sided with Arieh. I’ve never known why.

Yes, spiders used to be magnificent beasts, nothing like what are now. God banished them along with Lucifer as an act of perverse mercy: Lucifer could have his spider friends, but only after he had shrunken and broken them to fractions of their former, holy selves…it’s such a pity."

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