My Aphrodite

Silky, golden, straight and bright;
More flowing than a forest sprite’s…
It glistened like the morning light—
The hair of my fair Aphrodite.

Fairer than pale Luna’s sight;
Glistened like a lake at night,
as it reflects that Luna’s light—
The skin of my sweet Aphrodite.

Sweet, fulfilling, erudite;
Flew higher than the highest kite,
Made points with a vicious bite—
The mind of my all, my Aphrodite.

All pure, giving, and full of might,
Ferocious; like a Lioness’ fight
’Twas a challenge, to find a blight—
The soul of my lost Aphrodite.

And though she may be scattered dust,
I imagine her living on every gust.
From now until the end I must
Remember her, and keep her trust.

I won’t forget.

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