Ascension: Reunion

Ishikawa looked up at the mutineer. “Okay. Lay in a course for Pallas.”

Culver relaxed. “Thank you, sir. It’s not that …”

“I suppose the men from Juno will want to go home, too.”

Culver frowned. “We were hoping ..”

“… That we would all fight on Pallas? How do the guys from Juno and Hektor feel about that?” Gunfire rattled in the distance; Ishikawa heard a distant scream. “If everyone goes to their own rocks, how many will be defending Pallas from the Synod, Culver?”

He swallowed. “Seven, sir.”

“Brave men, to be sure. Which is good, because the takeoff will be risky. You’ve noticed the ship is tilted? And the engines are shot up.” Culver looked anxious. “What’s the matter, Culver?”

“Navigation isn’t my station, sir.”

Ah. Then get Nelson."

“He’s dead, sir.” Culver wrung his hat.

“It slipped my mind,” Ishikawa lied. “Well, then, Culver, what should we do?”

“We should follow you, sir,” he muttered.

Ishikawa looked at the former mutineer kindly. “Thank you, ensign. Dismissed.”

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