Eloise and Juliet

For they did teach the sun to shine bright,
And ev’ry rose to smell sweet,
Caused men to lose themselves in violent acts,
And the furious world at large to weep.

What misery, the weary pilgrim’s lot!
The lips consume what her lips have forgot.
Eternal moonlight of the spotted mind!
With fate accepted, and each kiss design’d,
To gain that rest, that equal shall us keep:
From obedient slumbers, not to wake nor weep;
Desires decay’d, affections ever ev’n,
Breath that corrodes, and puts a bar on Heav’n.
Grace flees her side and now the shadows seem,
To whisper mocks upon this childish dream.
For her th’ burning sword at Eden’s gate,
And circling seraphs about the crypt await,
For her the Spouse betrayed his family name,
And from his mouth she drinks her fill of blame,
To sounds he cannot make she dies again,
And creates a tale of woe and an amen.

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