Combat is Part of Our Chemistry

For once, I hear nothing. Silence at last.

I’ve fallen in love for the second time in my life. In love with Quiet.

The first time I fell in love, it was with a timid girl at college. She wore cat eye glasses and distrust on her face.

We bumped into each other, went out drinking, banged, had a kid, etc.

Ten years in I realized I loved her when she told me her favorite song was “Hanging Tough.”

From the day I said, “I love you,” everything changed.

She drank more and more everyday. Her voice climbed higher and higher, more shrill and piercing.

Good God the Noise!

The perfect girl became an alcoholic monster. She used to cry at night, terrified about turning into her father, a pederast drunk who spent his downtime punching 4 year old girls.

I’d whisper it won’t happen. When it did, she whispered, it’s in my blood.


My father was a good man. Strong and calm. Found out years later he did time for killing his first wife.

Turns out it’s in my blood too.

Finally, Quiet.

I’m in love again.

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