Out of Mind: Equinox Eruption

Words crumbled, a dizzy heat flushed the men and women…

The light blossom crinkled & spread as the liturgical threads had foretold. Four spirit stags flew from within the oasis in the bark, exhausting the eyes so sweetly like moon-flares with their celebratory fire bird leaps. Golden silver anatomy deer had guarded the equinox with axes so firm & kind, cries from the soil erupted con spirito, con calore…

Pressing the air to make all organic-be forget to feel heavy, pesante runic vernal matter squeezed its way from the petals of the light blossom, raining, tripping, cello & coloratura vocalises, the first peach, budding bloomed holy.

Shaman Dra climbed to the top of the altar.

“Praise be to Mother, our Wooden Phoenix; Praise be to Tane, to Yggdrasil, to the Lord Deer, to our bird babies who taught us to love, to the faes, & insect hums. We live again.”

The stags carried Shaman Dra teneramente to the oasis, dipped his body in until the stars came out. He & all life respired, baptized, rebirthed.

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