When Men Become Numbers (Villain Challange)

You see, the problem with people now a days is their numbers. There are too many. The problem with the world isn’t enough food, its that there isn’t enough death. There are the men who live and the ones who don’t. I am just a catalyst. And why? Well, don’t you see? That’s where subtraction comes in. In an equation where we are all numbers, it doesn’t quite matter does it? I just happen to be the variable. And I will do all I can to fix this overcrowded world.
Imagine if you were eating those cookies, the ones that taste “just like your mother used to make.” Imagine there was only one mother. Wouldn’t that be grand? If we killed everything but one. Simplifying the equation. I would be your Adam and every new birth would be born from the destruction of our old, rotting, useless, overcrowded Earth. They would live in my world. And if the children become too plentiful, I will make them fall. I will be your king. Decider of death and life. Creator of new history; beyond the dismissive masses of our old world.

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