Traveler: Aurora Sunrise

Assume the ridge and take your stance
In darken sky those colors dance
Where magic flows from sky to moon
Take heart, my friend, I’ll be there soon
Await my coming from below
Footsteps pad through silent snow
Panting breath flows thick as clouds
Beneath the trees, the forest crowds
My tail sweeps softly as I run
The snowdust stars await the sun
It burns so bright and golden clear
You called me, brother, I am here

Reller’s small head fell against Blake’s shoulder. The lord cradled him, singing softly in a language made of feelings instead of words. Reller felt the strong arms and smelled the unfamiliar scents of this strange man and his home, but Reller was tired, and the man knew the same songs as his father. Songs of wolves, and running, and light, and freedom…


Hable skidded to a halt upon hearing the notes of music. They were faint, but unmistakable. He adjusted his heading northward and fell to all fours, a silent streak of brown in the frigid pre-dawn.

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