The more I thought about how to respond to him, the more questions I had. Does he want to know the truth, that I am fed up with this journey? Would he still love me if I wanted to call for a hero right now? Does he really care for my feelings?

“I.. am tired, and sore, and not feeling very pretty right now.”

Dan sat down beside me. He let out another long sigh. I was sure he was annoyed with me for being.. weaker than he was.

“Kelly, I don’t expect you to feel pretty all the time. When you are sore and tired, angry, upset, or depressed, I want to be the one you talk to.”

I froze. This was unexpected.

He went on, “I will always try to make things right, whether that means walking to the nearest town for a tow truck, or stopping in the middle of the day to ask if things are right between us. I want to make you happy. Forever.”

“Oh, Dan. That’s so sweet!”

“I don’t need fancy gear, or fancy clothes, or even a working SUV. All I need is you.”

Dan pulled a ring from his pocket. “Will you marry me?”

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