Just Hold On.

We’ve been on the road for an hour now, but were finally back in town. Kelly wasn’t getting any better, she was showing signs of Anaphylaxis and she complained of trouble breathing. The closest hospital was still 15 minutes away.

“We’re almost there Kells. Just hold on a little longer!”

The traffic light ahead had turned yellow, I didn’t have time to stop. I stepped on the gas, hoping to hit it before it turned red.

“Shit! Kelly, hold on!” I yelled as I threw my hand over her chest.

“Sir, are you okay!?”

It happens just like they say it does. In a split second, your life flashes before your eyes. Every birthday, every Christmas and every boring office party you ever threw. One scene after another.

“Sir! Can you hear me? Sir!?”

I was fading in and out of consciousness, I could hear so many voices, all but the one I wanted to hear.

“Kelly? Where’s Kelly!?” I mumbled as I was pulled from the crumpled SUV.

“Sir, just relax.”

“No! She needs help! Where is she!?”


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