Ark of the Covenant V

The chamber made for quite horrific overnight accommodations. While certainly large enough for the advance force, not a minute of peace did any enjoy. “I thought it was ‘No rest for the wicked’ eh Father?” Quipped Argen Boyle, one of the Knights’ top commanders.

“Doing the work of the Holy Father should not require sleep, only unyielding vigilance, right my son?”

“Certainly Father,” Boyle straighten up, “well put.”

“You and your men are ready for tomorrow I trust? Feel your faith strengthen each step toward victory.”

“Yes Father.”

“Good. Do try to keep still then. Mark your time in prayer”

Boyle walked a few paces away and found a less soiled spot on the hard stone floor.

Father Kris surveyed the chamber looking wide left and right. He noted the glow-sticks some were using to pierce the darkness. Others stirred fitfully among the dried pools of unholy ichor.

The massive full army waited back in the tunnel, perhaps enjoying a bit more comfort. There was no coming glory of dawn here in the underworld.

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