That Feeling You Get When You Hear A Song And It All Clicks

I’ve put your mem’ry with this song
Through vibrations in the air
In hopes that you could still live on
I can pretend you’re standing there

Before your vision torn asunder
As the lyrics fill my head
I give you one last roar of thunder
I find myself with you instead

In life you were a lioness
The solemn solo starts to glow
In death, be still, be mild, confess
The keys and sax, they tell me so

This battle wasn’t yours to fight
The drum kicks in, I start to shiver
But there you went! With all your might
The melody begins to whither

And when at last the war was won
The song itself, is fin’ly done
I hoped that you could still live on
I hope that you can still live on

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