No Chances

Even through the layers of flannel and the so-called Arctic protection, Cole could feel the frozen breath of ice and snow.

Johns or something that looked like Johns said, “We’re going to die out here, aren’t we.”

“Yep, unless one of us isn’t what he claims to be.” Cole replied.

“Fuck it. I was going to wait until later but there’s not going to be a later. Then when you were accusing me, I just wanted to torch it. Guess it’s a good thing I never found my lighter.” Johns laughed but there was no humor in it. He wearily lifted up one arm and held out a scrap of paper.

Cole took it and looked at him incredulously. “You disappeared to get a picture of my ex-wife?”

“Shit man, I didn’t disappear. It was on your desk when I was checking all the rooms. I thought you might want it.”

The picture of his wife had caught her in a rare moment of joy, her blond ringlets weightless in mid bounce. That had been a good night. “Thanks. We’re still stuck here.”

“I know.”

“And we can’t let each other leave.”

“I know.”

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