A Memorandum

A Memorandum Regarding the Subject of Barona:

The poisoning of the Ecosystem at the end of the last Great War continues to claim lives through the claw and fang of mutated wildlife.

Our best minds continue their research into finding a way to reverse these mutations and return the flora and fauna to its prior idyllic state, but after nearly a millennium, there isn’t much hope of a solution within the community.

Recent estimates place the final obliteration of the population of Barona within the next century, give or take a few decades depending on the effectiveness of the Hunter’s Guild.

Upon confirmation of the death of the last human remnants, the actions taken to sabotage work on the mutation remedies will be halted. We will then finally be able to return to our ancestral home.

Silentium est potente. Patientia est victoria.

— XXXIV Baron-in-Absentia Lucir Mondaki

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