People Watching

People are an interesting lot. As I sit here, enjoying a glass of Pinot for the first time in twenty-six years, I reminisce over all the years gone by. I turned fifty-one yesterday and my life has taken many turns, but not so many all at once, as have happened in the past year. I look out the window of this cafe and see the many faces of society walk by. Each has a story, very different and yet in many ways, very similar.
I have been on a quest of sorts lately. Divorce forces you to think about things. I was content to be single and live my life by myself-as I wanted to, until last summer. The heart is so easily decieved.
Funny how love, or lust, or affection or whatever you want to call it, can change your perspective on things. Yet, I envy the couples I see walk by the cafe window. The college aged,the middle-aged and the elder ones- holding hands and enjoying just being in each other’s company.
I miss that. I miss having someone I trust, to share my heart with.
What happened to men who fought for the girl?

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