Ladies of the Night:

Legs spread,
Givin’ head.
I know you want
To be in bed.
Brain’s dead,
Tongue like lead.
Cheeks all red.
I wish that it were me instead.
You know,
I know:
I wish that it were me instead.

Listenin’ to ‘The 1975” for hours now.
Their poetry always inspired a certain level
Of incoherency in me.
Fuck it. Don’t expect rhythm here.
We’re all about those H highs
We’re all about that sun rise
We’re all about those mauve skies
On the horizon
As the sun pulls up at 5am in August.

Legs spread,
Dead ahead.
I know you wish that you were dead.
At least you’re fed,
You know the dread
Can’t last forever.

Hey. Smile.
They said smile!
This is just an alternate universe, girl,
So why not show some teeth?

Legs spread,
Words unsaid.
It’s OK that you’re seeing red.
It won’t last forever.
It will not last forever.

Legs spread,
You’re drop-dead
Gorgeous, girl.
You’re too well read
For that blood-stained double bed.
You know,
I know:
I wish that it were me instead.

I wish it could be me instead.

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