Wizardly Bad Luck

In a dreary town in England, there was born a little boy who was prophesied to defeat the most powerful warlock of all time. Unfortunately the boy’s parents were murdered by the warlock, leaving him an orphan. He was thus forced to live with his utterly unremarkable relatives. His cousin often viciously beat him, but the boy remained optimistic.
Just as he was about to give up on believing his life would ever improve, he was whisked away to a school for magical children. Excited, the boy decided that life was looking up. Yet at school, he was continuously mocked and ridiculed. The evil warlock returned and started to run rampant through England, killing all. The boy’s friends and relatives also fell victim to the warlock’s bloody rage.
Finally, ragged and bruised, the boy found himself in a different realm. There, the boy met a wise dead wizard. “What should I do?” he asked. “How should I know?” said the
man. Waking up, the boy realized he had no business battling the warlock and left to tend to his garden.

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