Boba in Wonderland

The bounty hunter had been falling for too long. He knew Solo, or one of his friends, had gotten the better of him and had been falling long enough to curse the troublesome smuggler and himself for it. When he stopped falling he was not where he thought he would be. It was strange indeed but Fett had no inclination that he would be digested slowly over a thousand years here. As he surveyed his surroundings he noticed a white rabbit sitting near the entrance to a hallway. Before he could raise his flamethrower, the rabbit took off down the hallway and Fett followed. If he was going to be stuck here he would need to eat and the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy wasn’t about to let this tiny creature escape him. Fett tracked the rabbit to a room filled with locked doors. He searched the room thoroughly, his scanners detected nothing. Then he saw the table, and the bottle, and the label, and the key. “Drink Me.” Boba thought then “it can’t get any weirder than this,” took off his helmet and drank.

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