Child's Play

“Wow, you’re tall! How old are you?” Calvin asked excitedly.
“Well, I’m six years old… kinda. My name’s Christopher Robin, what’s yours?”

“I’m six too! Name’s Calvin and this is my tiger, Hobbes. Wanna play a game; it requires athleticism, guile and finesse just like fibbin’? I call it Calvinball.”

“Fibbing takes athleticism?” wondered Christopher.
“If you get caught.”

“Hm, I don’t know, I’ll ask my friends. They’re in the Hundred Acre Woods.”
“You have 100 acres of woods!? We can play there!” Calvin shouted.

“OK, come along, you can meet Pooh and Tigger and Piglet and—”
Calvin stopped him, “What’s a tigger?”
“A Tigger’s a tiger—like Hobbes,” answered Christopher.

Ha, you’ve a tiger too? Didya trap him with tuna?” Calvin asked.
“I’m not sure if he eats tuna; he likes to bounce.” Christopher announced.
“A tiger who doesn’t eat tuna? He needs straightening out.” Hobbes interrupted.

Christopher and Calvin both chuckled.

“It’s a magical world, Christopher… Let’s go exploring.” Calvin concluded.

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