Start of the Summer Road Trip

I stumble out of my house and to my car’s truck, which is popped open. I throw my bags in the back and slam the top down to close it. My mom comes out of the house and gives me a big hug.

“Drive carfully okay?” She tells me.

“I know. I will.” I assure her as I get in the car. “Bye.”

She stands in the driveway as I head off to my friend Sam’s house. I pull up in her drive way and smile as I see her walk out of her house with her bags in her arms. She has her sunglasses on and a big smile on her face.

I get out of the car and pop the trunk. She calls to me as I walk over to her to help, “Ready, sis?”

“Fo sho!” I answer, laughing.

We get her stuff packed in the trunk with mine and hop in the car. Her parents wave to her as we take off. I roll down the windows and Sam turns up the radio as Taylor Swift’s Love Story comes on. We both sing the lyrics as I head towards the expressway.

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