One night I put a single fake daisy in the dirt of my front yard, and in the morning it was gone. Probably stolen by some animal. But imagine if a girl had been walking by late last night, and seeing this fake daisy, wanted it for her hair.
So now there’s a girl walking around with my flower in her hair. But what if she decides to go swimming. If she goes swimming, and forgets to take the flower out of her hair, it will be swept away into the ocean. And it won’t matter to anyone.
But what if she goes swimming, and the flower gets tangled in her hair, and survives the waves. What if when she gets out she unknots it from her curls and places it gently behind her ear.
Then this girl starts to walk home. But when she gets home she is most certainly going to want to go to bed. What happens when she goes to bed! She puts my flower on her window ledge until the next day. Somewhere in this town there’s a girl carrying my flower in her hair. And that makes me a little happier to be alive.

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